Accident-Prone Highways in Texas

Accident-Prone Highways in Texas

Attorneys help victims injured by dangerous road conditions
An auto accident is often the fault of a careless driver. However what happens when the road itself presents a danger? At our Law Office, we help victims of traffic crashes caused by dangerous or defective highway conditions. People often fail to consider that the road or highway may be dangerous or defective and cause an accident. We personally handle accident investigations to gather evidence and make sure important details are accident attorneys

Who is responsible for highways that cause accidents?
Highways may be prone to cause auto accidents for a variety of reasons, including dangerous design or poor maintenance, including sinkholes and potholes, missing guardrails, broken or missing signals, signs or warnings, poor materials, debris in the roads and construction hazards. A public entity, such as a county or municipal agency, which is responsible for the defective condition may be held liable in a personal injury lawsuit only when you can prove certain elements, such as: More information here: website

The highway or road was in dangerous condition at the time of the injury.
The injury was caused by the dangerous condition.
The dangerous condition created a reasonably foreseeable risk of that kind of injury.

You must also prove that a negligent or wrongful act by the public entity’s employee during employment created the dangerous condition or that the public entity knew of the dangerous condition and had time to correct it.personal injury lawyers

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