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How can I beat a speeding ticket? What is the best way to beat a speeding ticket in court?

I’ve been driving for 15 years and never got a speeding ticket. I don’t even think I was speeding when I got pulled over! Anyway, the ticket also had an error (the fine didn’t match the speed overage listed). I don’t think my defense can be, “I wasn’t speeding!” so what are my options? The officer didn’t even look up my record. When he handed me the ticket, he asked me if I had ever gotten a ticket before, and I said I had never gotten a ticket. How do I find out about the calibration of the radar before going to court (I go in July)? Thanks! Find more about Traffic Violations here:

The officer has to be not only Post Certified to be an officer but also certified and trained on the specific type of radar equipment they use. ( radar or lazor) Next, I forget if it is annual or biannual. Still, they are required to go to training to keep their certification up ( something many forget, can’t get into a class, or are late getting the class), so every day, some officers are running radar where their certification has become outdated. Next, the actual radar equipment has to be FCC licensed and tested, and every day upon the start of his use of this equipment, he has to do a tuning fork test for calibration. A log is carried in the car with the radar unit where they enter the test results. You can request this from the discovery of evidence through the court. But should be doing it with an attorney. It will cost you more to beat it than the fine, and one ticket on your record has little effect.

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What To Do After An Accident

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What To Do After An Accident

If no one is hurt, or once all casualties are being attended to by the emergency services, speaking to the other driver and any bystanders who have witnessed the accident can be a useful next step – one which will be of great benefit if you decide to make a traffic accident compensation claim. You should take down the other driver’s name, address, and contact information including their home and mobile numbers if possible. You should also swap insurance details as this will make things a lot easier later on. If the other driver personal injury law

An Ultimate Guide On How To Get Compensation After Injury

Following an injury, one should seek the professional services of an injury lawyer since they are aware of the law and the tricks that companies and defendants use to avoid reimbursing money to an injured party. There are several types of injury lawyers thus, it is best to use one that is accustomed and has experience in the exact field of issues that you need to be handled professionally. Another factor to consider is the lawyer’s character such as honesty, openness, creativity, interactivity, and aggressiveness. Below is a simple guide to getting compensation after injury: More on this website

Gather Evidence

You should gather as many facts and information as possible that is related to the case to be presented to the lawyers for safekeeping. This information is crucial to winning a case. Official police statements, photographic evidence, eye witness details, and certified doctor’s medical reports if applicable, are also necessary to solidify a case.

Seek Professionalism

Getting an experienced lawyer is a sure and professional way to legally demand compensation from the individual or person that has caused you the harm. A professional lawyer will take up wholly, the role of representing you and will require the minimal physical appearance of you. All in all, he or she will always involve you in decision making and will keep you well informed of the proceedings of the matter by use of telephone and email among other communication tools. Lawyers who are certified do possess critical skills that when coupled up with appropriate evidence, ensure that the client is well represented to get appropriate compensation for damages and loss incurred. Among other skills, oral and written communication, analytical and logical reasoning, and time management, top the catalog.

Likeability Factor Counts

Trusting someone with your valued documents and records requires some form of relationship. Like other relationships, you and your lawyer must get along well as this also fosters great communication which is best for business. You need as much positive vibe as possible between the two of you for a good rapport.

Size Does Not Matter

Considering the sensitive and confidential nature of the information presented to lawyers, we tend to associate large firms with too much exposure to our data. Despite the size of the firm, organizational procedures are put in place within the organization to allow ease of data retrieval and at the same time, privacy. However big a firm is, clients’ data and documents will always be safe and easily retrievable.

Accident-Prone Highways in Texas

Accident-Prone Highways in Texas

Attorneys help victims injured by dangerous road conditions
An auto accident is often the fault of a careless driver. However what happens when the road itself presents a danger? At our Law Office, we help victims of traffic crashes caused by dangerous or defective highway conditions. People often fail to consider that the road or highway may be dangerous or defective and cause an accident. We personally handle accident investigations to gather evidence and make sure important details are accident attorneys

Who is responsible for highways that cause accidents?
Highways may be prone to cause auto accidents for a variety of reasons, including dangerous design or poor maintenance, including sinkholes and potholes, missing guardrails, broken or missing signals, signs or warnings, poor materials, debris in the roads and construction hazards. A public entity, such as a county or municipal agency, which is responsible for the defective condition may be held liable in a personal injury lawsuit only when you can prove certain elements, such as: More information here: website

The highway or road was in dangerous condition at the time of the injury.
The injury was caused by the dangerous condition.
The dangerous condition created a reasonably foreseeable risk of that kind of injury.

You must also prove that a negligent or wrongful act by the public entity’s employee during employment created the dangerous condition or that the public entity knew of the dangerous condition and had time to correct it.personal injury lawyers

Contact the attorneys you can rely on to seek just results
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